Why Should You Rent Rolls Royce Black Badge?

Why Should You Rent Rolls Royce Black Badge?

The Rolls Royce family has been known for its classy and decent cars for sober drives. However, you might not have heard about a thrilling sports car in this family. Rolls Royce black badge is the sportiest Rolls which is arguably fast and powerful to cruise you through the city in some fine fashion. With its V12 twin-turbocharged engine, you can enjoy a horsepower of up to 624. It may fall out of the budget if you want to purchase this car; however, renting it could be an economic option. This post will explain why you should rent Rolls Royce’s black badge. Read on to know more!

Top Reasons to Rent Rolls Royce Black Badge:

You will find an infinite list of amenities and perks when you dig deeper into the specifications of the RR black badge. The body is designed with a headliner sprinkled with tiny DELs. Moreover, its user-friendly infotainment will make you fall in love with this exotic vehicle. Let us go through its specifications to convince you why you should rent this car.

1. Powertrain:

When it comes to exploring the power of this car, the statistics and specs will surprise you. Its 6.6 Liter V12 turbocharged engine can cruise you through the highway in some style. The induction motor is powerful enough to generate a horsepower of 624 hp @ 5600 rpm. Moreover, its torque level is sufficient to give you a premium driving experience.

With an RWD drivetrain, Rolls Royce black badge could be the best option for a thrilling ride with your friends. The premium fuel type will add cost-effectiveness to the list, making this option more feasible. Do you want to take this one for a ride? Consider contacting luxury car rental Dubai companies.

2. Fuel efficiency:

Rolls Royce’s black badge might not be as eco-friendly as the other family members, but still, it is a better option for fuel-efficiency. It can give you different output stats at different routes/roads. Let us go through some of its fuel outputs at different routes.

  • 1 Liter/100 km at Highway
  • 2 Liter/100 km in the city
  • 8 Liter/100 km in a combined scenario
  • 494 km in Autonomy
  • CO2 emission of 392g/km

From the stats, the car can give you a good mileage both inside the city and at a highway with low traffic. This vehicle could be the best option for a long drive and a short intracity drive. With the above stats in mind, you can make a wise decision.

3. Infotainment:

Most users often pay attention to a car’s infotainment, avoiding a car with minimal infotainment facilities. You will love this car if you are one of these riders. The Rolls Royce black badge comes with a variety of user-friendly entertainment options.

Whether it is a compatible Apple car play or Android play, the car will never disappoint you. With high-quality speakers and connectivity options, users love their rides while listening to their favorite playlists.

4. Suspension and steering:

The rack and pinion assistive steering in this model will give you a unique driving experience throughout your ride. With a 13m turning diameter, there are fewer bumping chances. This model’s front and rear suspension options can add comfort and convenience to your ride.

Following are a few details about this model’s suspension, tires, and brakes. Let us go through them quickly for a better picture.

  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Independent, pneumatic, double-wishbone front suspension
  • Independent multi-link rear suspension
  • Disc front brakes
  • Disc rear brakes
  • P255/40R21 front tires
  • P285/35R21 rear tires

All these specifications will keep you safe and organized during your ride. With this model, you can experience luxe and comfort simultaneously.

5. Performance:

When it comes to the performance of this model, you will never find anything loose or weak. Every piece of this model is well-designed and manufactured for better results. Whether the power to weight ratio or braking distance, everything falls in line to give you an immersive driving experience. Here are some performance points you should consider:

  • Top speed: 250 km/hr
  • 0-100 km/hr: 4.5 seconds
  • Power to weight ratio: 190.7 W/kg

You can rely on this car’s performance as it will never fail you, no matter how bumpy the road is or how fast you drive it. Riders always look to take such models for their dream ride, and once you are in the driving seat, you will love it. Do you want to try this exotic model out? Consider renting from reliable luxury car rental companies!

Cruise Through the City in a Rolls Royce Black Badge!

Nothing can beat the comfort and class of a Rolls Royce. It has always been your dream to cruise through this exotic vehicle in some fine fashion. Now is the time to live your dream by renting this luxurious piece from luxury car rental companies. Enjoy your dream ride in a Black Badge with your loved ones!

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